Aged 17, South Wales



Poppy is a youth climate ambassador for Wales, a Labour youth rep and fights for girls to have a voice and youth rights with Plan UK. In November 2021 she will be attending COP26.

"The reason why I protest is because it's such a powerful thing...for everyone to be protesting and marching for the same end goal is incredible. There's not the words to describe how impactful that can be and I think that's important because unfortunately we live in a world that whilst democracy is alive that doesn't necessarily mean that the voice of the people are heard."



Aged 20, Cornwall

Evie cliffs graded.jpg

Evie is a passionate animal rights, vegan and environmental campaigner. She is involved in promoting reforestation in Cornwall and plant-based foods while studying Geography and Politics at Exeter University.

" You don’t have to be a celebrity activist to do fulfilling work and make a difference.

You are what you repeatedly do.”



Aged 17, London

Xanthe talking graded.jpg

Xanthe was inspired to speak out as a result of Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion and the Black Lives Matter movement. She uses her poetry as a political tool to talk about issues that resonate with her generation. 

"Something that is very important to me is inclusion and getting a more diverse base and feeling like anybody could get involved in activism. I felt that at my school people didn't seem to care - I think they did but they weren't led in the same way, they didn't think they could make a change themselves - and I wondered why that was..."