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Our documentary

in early production

Three young female activists join a march to celebrate 40 years since the Greenham Common Women’s Peace protest,

connecting the #MeToo generation with the women who paved their way.


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"Activism is not some unattainable, unachievable thing that happens out there. It starts with you."

Evie, aged 20

Unaware of the longest feminist protest in British history, a new generation of young activists are standing up to fight for the issues of their time: climate, race and inequality of all kinds.


In September 2021, three young female activists will join their predecessors on a commemorative march, documenting their thoughts, feelings and experiences, as well as those of the activism veterans they are marching with.








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Image courtesy of Bridget Boudewijn / Greenham Women Everywhere

2021 marks the fortieth anniversary when a Welsh women’s rights group walked from Wales to RAF Greenham Common to demonstrate against American missiles being stored there.

The Greenham Common Peace Camp became an iconic movement lasting nineteen years – it is the longest feminist protest in British history.

In 1982 more than 30,000 women gathered at Greenham to join hands at the 'Embrace the Base' event. The women radicalised a generation yet it is not the subject of public discussion, it cannot be found in school textbooks and as the original women begin to die, younger women risk never hearing of the largestwomen-led activist movement since suffrage.

PROTEST follows three young activists before, during and after the 120-mile Greenham march planned for September 2021, where they will undertake an epic physical journey with their predecessors.


To find out more about the march

The Team


Barbara Santi

Director / Producer /

Director of Photography

Barbara Santi is an award winning documentary filmmaker with over twenty years experience and is co-director and co-founder of west Cornwall based Awen Productions. At the heart of Barbara’s work is to raise under-represented peoples voices through film.


Barbara’s work focuses on film and digital for positive social change. She’s made documentaries for Channel 4 and Carlton and shown films on Reel Stories, FourDocs, Current TV, The Community Channel, galleries, museums, conferences, film festivals and has toured extensively promoting film in rural settings. 


Barbara uses inclusive methods in her films and develops collaborative projects with people and communities to explore the film medium, concepts of place and identity, the rural environment and new storytelling models.

In 2020 Barbara was one of 10 female entrepreneurs in the UK selected to take part in Creative England's Female Founders Scale Up programme. Barbara’s recent documentary, No Holds Barred – the Life and Art of Matthew Lanyon co-directed with Judith Lanyon is currently screening at indie cinemas and film festivals and won ‘Best Documentary’ at this years New Renaissance Film Festival, Amsterdam.


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Laura Giles


Award-winning feature documentary SONS OF CUBA (BBC4 Storyville & international). Associate Producer on iFeatures MAKE UP, Producer low-budget feature THE TAPE. Marketing & communications (BFI), freelanced for a wide range of film & TV organisations including Raising Films and the British Film Commission.


Nicola Leddy

Director of Photography

Irish born and London based, Nicola's passion is making films for social change. Her first documentary was commissioned by BBC3 and after it received 7 million views, she began working with charities and filmmakers across the UK to make films that impact communities positively, empower people, and change perceptions.

Check out her portfolio here


Paula Romero

Additional Camera / Assistant

Paula Romero is a Spanish journalist and filmmaker based in Bristol. She has more than five years experience in the creation of visual content and documentaries for personal projects and clients in the UK, Spain and Latin America.  She has an MA in Documentary Production from the University of West of England (Bristol) and is currently in the development process of Mothertrucker (2021) the documentary.


Janina Mistecky

Additional Camera

Janina Mistecky is a German-born Videographer and Photographer who currently lives in London, UK. After finishing her Film & Television Studies, with a focus on Cinematography and Editing in the US, Janina moved to London where she worked for brands such as Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Net-A-Porter, Getty Images, and many more. 

She is mainly focused on filming Fashion, Music, and Documentary content for all types of platforms.

With thanks to: Flora Gregory and Emma Corten.
"My mum used to take me to Greenham - she was there because she was frightened in the same way that young people now are viscerally afraid of climate change, she went to Greenham because of the bomb."

Rebecca Mordan, co-founder Greenham Women Everywhere & organiser of 40th anniversary march
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Cultivator Screen Growth Fund
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Canon UK
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